1 – Look and Listen

Learn and discover what you would like to make by understanding who you are making it for.

Get started

The first stage of the FlashLab process is about identifying one or more of these examples:

Is there something you want to make?You might already have a project in mind, or you may have been asked to make something.
Is there a problem you are trying to solve?You might have an area that needs addressing and would like to make a resource to help train your leaders.
Is there a need you would like to address?As you look around you, you may find a pressing need no one has addressed in your context or language.
Is there an opportunity you would like to take?You might have a great opportunity coming up, a big event or a special invitation and you need a plan, strategy or resource to make the most of the opportunity.

FlashLab is about helping you create a new resource to assist with your need. What you want might be very clear or may only be a vague idea. That’s okay as the process will help to sharpen your focus.

Ask questions

Do some ‘looking and listening’ and ask good questions, of yourself and others.

Look and Listen

Make sure you understand the people whom you are wanting to serve through the FlashLab process:

  • Who are they (age, gender, groupings)?
  • Where are they?
  • What are their needs? How can we help them?
  • What do they need to know about God?
  • What is God’s message to them?

Keep these answers, and the faces of the people you serve, in your mind. Make a chart or page of your audience with the answers, any helpful pictures, and information.

FlashLab is about creating resources for a purpose and to serve the target audience you have identified. So ask:

  • What kind of resource would best serve them?
  • What different types of resources could they be?
  • What types might be most useful in the context?
  • What gap might this resource fill?