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AI Toolkit

This training toolkit gives an overview of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in ministry. It was created in October 2023 to help ministry leaders across the world as they serve in children, youth, family, sport, generosity, fitness and other forms of ministry. It is a practical and simple introduction to the use of Artificial Intelligence in ministry. This booklet focuses on how to use AI, rather than on all the potential dangers and ethical issues around AI.

AI is developing so fast, that much in this booklet may be out of date by the time you read it. But much in here is practical and simple and will likely apply in some way for many different AI applications.

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These tools and resources follow three basic pricing models:

Free: You can freely use the tool and any resources that you generate with it. You should carefully read the terms and conditions on the individual website to check whether there are any restrictions on how you use it. For example you might be required to give credit, or you might not be allowed to sell the content you have created.

Freemium: You can use the tool for free. But your usage will be limited — either by time (e.g. you can create 10 images a month), or by functionality (e.g. you can only download your images as low resolution jpegs). If you pay for the tool then these restrictions are lifted.

Premium: You cannot use the tool for free and will need to pay either a one-off fee or a subscription. Premium tools sometimes offer free trials so you can see whether you want to pay for it.


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