Asking a team to think strategically, creatively and practically all at once, will be hard for them. We easily get ‘stuck’ in our thinking. We find old solutions to familiar challenges. ThinkRamp attempts to help us to collaborate and think in fresh ways, knocking us out of our familiar patterns.

ThinkRamp is a process using a powerful metaphor. It is a place to explore and play, to help see familiar circumstances from a new perspective. It is a tool to help participants to think more deeply and strategically about whatever target or challenge is before them.

Blank ThinkRamp Diagram

1. BallWhat is our basic idea? Do we need a new basic idea?
2. TargetWhat is our target? How ambitious is it? Are there multiple targets? Are the targets aligned?
3. On rampWhat gives us momentum to launch ideas? Our history? Our strengths and weaknesses? Our connections? Our resources?
4. ObstaclesWhat obstacles are preventing us from reaching the target? What are the most significant ones?
5. Up rampWhat opportunities are there that can give our idea lift? What ‘waves’ in current trends can we ride?
6. Direction changeWhat is our turning point? What revolution in thinking do we need at this time? Is there a paradigm shift needed?

Completed ThinkRamp Diagram

ThinkRamp full