How to start

The goal of the FlashLab process is to take ideas from their overwhelming and “impossible beginnings” into do-able steps so that more great Kingdom ideas can be shared widely across the whole body of Christ.

The process will be rapid (the “Flash” part) and it is experimental, so it’s okay to test, fail, and try again (the “Lab” part).

Here are a few ways to start:

  1. Begin with a team – use an existing team or create a FlashLab team from your church, ministry or others with a shared interest.
  2. Share the vision of the FlashLab and ask what you could make that would help others.
  3. Start the process – this manual will guide you and give you pointers along the way.
  4. Keep talking – a quick “feedback loop” is important to keep your team updated on what each person is doing.
  5. Grow your strengths – some parts of this process you will be good at and find easy.
  6. Work in your weaknesses – try new things and don’t be afraid to fail. Even trying will help you improve.
  7. Share what you make with others!