FlashLab Writing Process

Every work team will be starting from a different point, so each one will have different tasks to do. Some teams have no training sessions written in their broad topic, while other teams have most training sessions written. However, as we are creating new tools other than the training sessions, there will be many tasks for each team to do.

flashlab process

This writing process below is indicative only. Each team’s facilitator will be shaping a process that will uniquely work for their team. Your team will need to:

Understand the whole task

Audit and understand the content area your team is working on. Understand how the sessions / parts fit into the bigger picture.

  • What new components are you making? Why?
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Understand the templates and how each piece fits together.
Make a plan

As you plan ask yourselves these questions.

  • What can we prioritise to do in this FlashLab time frame?
  • What are the gaps and tasks to complete?
  • What will be the teams and sub-teams? Roles?
  • Who will be doing what tasks?
  • How can we continue after this FlashLab?
Stretch play choose
Brainstorm, create, write and review

See the process of 1 to 7 below.

Celebrate all that God has done

Let’s see what God can do in our midst as we labor together.