What is GOPlay?

GOPlay is part of the sport movement. GOPlay focuses on children, teens, families, and communities — and is therefore open to all. The six priorities of the sport movement are going to unreached people and places, praying strategically, empowering local leaders and teams, and mobilizing every church.

The sport movement sees this phase as a season to develop leaders and team — mature and multiplying leaders — supporting and praying for more workers of the harvest (Matthew 9:38). These leaders and teams need to be prepared for going to the GAPS — places and groups of people where there are no sports ministry leaders and teams making disciples for Jesus.

GOPlay is operating in this larger sport movement ecosystem. In the past decade we have had competent training resources for raising leaders who specifically work with children and teens. This has been our big focus. In collaboration with GCF and GO Health & Fitness we have explored the potential of helping families to actively disciple their children and to be on mission in their local communities. We see this as the season of going and helping families everywhere, encouraging them also to GO to their GAPS.

2023-2025 Strategic Priorities

  1. Millions of families on mission
  2. Kids and Youth Leadership Journeys — apprenticeships
  3. Multiply Schools — mobilize leaders to start and continue GOPlay disciple-making strategies — hybrid and face-to-face equipping of leaders and teams.
  4. Continue to sharpen and mobilize active disciple-making strategies across the body of Christ through GOPlay strategies like Kids Games, WLC, CCON and Festivals.
  5. Continue to strengthen partnerships and collaboration with other movements and organizations with synergy to our vision.