Creative Thinking Process

Coming to a gathering like this is exciting but also a bit frightening. You may be asking yourself:

  • Will I have anything worthwhile to contribute?
  • What will happen in the creative process?
  • What if we all have different ideas that don’t match up because we are all so diverse?

Wonderfully, this is the work of the Holy Spirit. He was our first invited guest. In fact, He planned this whole gathering. Please pray for the Spirit’s continual guidance.

The creative process is very dynamic and flexible. A small team of facilitators will be guiding us through the process to explore families on mission. We will look at it from many different angles so you will be sure to make important contributions from your experience and context. Working collaboratively is exciting.

Imagine the process like this (maybe close your eyes and engage all your imagination):

The theme of Families on Mission is like a mountain – and we want to climb it.

We can all see the mountain from a distance, simple and distinct, but when we get up close there are many aspects to consider — many valleys and challenges. There are many ways to climb it. The facilitators will be taking us all on an adventure to climb and understand this mountain — sometimes all together and sometimes in smaller climbing parties focused on a different path. Then our job is to make different types of tools and strategies to enable others to climb and enjoy the mountain.