KidsHubs in Momba

From left to right: Abel, Elias, Eric, Joel, Koami

Abel (21 years old). Abel integrated the Momba KidsHubs club in 2018 through our KidsGames project and youth leadership training in Kpendjal (690 km far from Lomé). Today he is one of the core leaders of the four churches planted in the North. We sent him this year to attend the Togo Multiply School 2022. He successfully completed the course and he is now based in Momba where he serves as a missionary. Please keep him your prayers.

Elias (19 years old). Elias has been part of the KidsHubs club since 2017. He leads the KidsHubs clubs of Apedokoe in Lomé. He has just successfully completed the Togo Multiply School 2022.

Joel (22 years old). Joel has been part of the KidsHubs clubs since 2015 and since then has implemented more than four KidsHubs clubs.

Koami (16 years old). Koami joined the Momba KidsHubs club while he was 13 years old. Now he is one the core leaders of KidsHubs clubs in Kpendjal.

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