Brokenness to Wholeness Framework

Brokennes to Wholeness 2018

This diagram shows the path from Brokenness of sin to the Wholeness of shalom.

The two axes represent the two spheres of brokenness.

Horizontal Axis

Physical, personal, social brokenness is evidenced by poverty, war, abuse, sickness, etc. Aid and development programs can help bring these children into a safe and healthy environment where they are enabled to develop personally and contribute to society.

Vertical Axis

Spiritual separation from God through sin and ignorance is healed as the church reaches out, shares the Gospel and guides them into a relationship with God. As part of the community of His Body, their relationship with God is strengthened and they are enabled to become active participants in His work.

All children are currently somewhere on this matrix — experiencing different levels of brokenness and wholeness in different areas of their lives. Our goal is to move them closer to the complete wholeness of Shalom, found in the upper right quadrant.