Processo de Pensamento Criativo

Roles within a Work Team

Come to the gathering ready to contribute your ideas. There will be many ways we will be doing this.

Remember to be confident but also have an attitude of humility. There will be people working in English as their second or third language. So, if you are a native English speaker be a listener first. Give time and space for many ideas from others before giving your opinions.


FacilitatorClarifies the vision, purpose and audience; supports the team and facilitates the writing process towards the end goal.
Ideas people and visionariesContributes ideas to be included as content.
Practitioners(These are pastors, parents, youth workers, instructors, leaders, sons and daughters etc.) Contributes ideas to be included as content. May have multiple roles such as both parent and youth worker.
WritersLogically document detailed notes of key ideas shared by the ideas people, visionaries and practitioners.
Editor / FinishersWorks with the writer to ensure that the content flows well and to ensure the completion of the resource by checking facts, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.